How often should I trim my hair?


As we all go about our busy lives, waking up early packing lunches, getting the kids off to school only to have 30 mins to get ourselves ready for a busy day of work , errands and running the kids to all of their after school activities, the last thing we feel like worrying about is our hair. Having a bad hair day can really effect someone’s confidence throughout the day no matter what we are doing. Have you ever stopped to ask your self, “How often should I trim my hair to make my daily hair routine easier?”

Everyone’s hair cutting needs are different. Some people like to keep their hair in a shorter style. When you choose a shorter style and want to maintain the exact style you walked out of the salon in you will need to schedule regular hair cuts every 4-6 weeks. After that amount of time you will notice a difference in your hair and you will probably notice a few extra minutes in front of the mirror in the morning.

If you initially got a great haircut from a skilled stylist then you can wear a haircut longer before it starts to act crazy. (Unless of course you want to keep the length short as mentioned above).  Between 6-12 weeks would be sufficient to keep the shape and ensure you are getting rid of those pesky split ends. Some people enjoy the different styles they get during that time period. A great haircut should grow out nicely and maintain some shape allowing more time in between visits to the salon.


Like I said, everyones hair is different . Some people have hair that grows fast, some may have hair that grows super slow. There are also those with fine thin hair who may find themselves having to visit the salon more often because it starts going flat.Whatever your hair situation may be, getting regular trims is very important in maintaining the health of your hair. (along with the proper hair products) Healthy hair is always easier to work with than an unshapely head full of split ends. I know there is a myth out there that in order to grow your hair long and beautiful you should avoid any trims or cuts until it gets to the desired length. That is absolutely FALSE!! If you do that your hair will accumulate split ends, loose its shape and fall flat. There are a few lucky ones that have super healthy hair types that can go longer than the time frames above and still have great hair but that is not the norm.  The next time you are fighting your hair in the morning, think about how often should you trim your hair to make your day easier and give you more confidence to get thru your busy day!

If you are looking for a regular stylist to help keep your hair looking great call me for an appointment I will be glad to find the perfect cut just for you.

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  1. ZEGU says:

    I totally agree with you that because of the hectic lifestyles of today’s modern world, the last thing most of us think of is ourselves. Let alone, looking after our hair. Thank you for clearing the myth that for hair to grow long, it should be left to grow and avoiding trimming it. I too used to think along the same lines not knowing it actually damages one’s hair.

    • Jill Jones says:

      Thanks for the comment. You’re very welcome for clearing up the myth that so many people believe to be true. I hope you find some useful info in this site

  2. Theresa says:

    I have Short, Course Hair, I know that I should get it trimmed more but in order to show the length of my hair I have to go through this whole vigorous process of straightening it, so I am lucky if I get my hair trimmed every 3-4 years. I just hate straightening my hair.

  3. Barry says:


    First I am not a woman but also have bad hair days. I go against your advice and put off getting my haircut way too long.

    Some nice info there about haircut times and I think it’s about time I follow it rather then spending time trying to get it the way I want to. I notice that after a haircut I really like my hair.

    Around the 4-6 week time you say I start to have a problem. Would you recommend the same time frame for men as you do woman or is our hair different.

    • Jill Jones says:

      Yes men’s hair is the same in that aspect as women. Most of my men clients come in about every 4-6 weeks. If you get your hair cut in that time frame on a regular schedule it will greatly eliminate your bad hair days.

  4. shelby says:

    This was really helpful for me. I am trying to grow my hair out, but I was concerned that it would end up looking “frumpy” if I spaced out my trims more. I am thinking that 12 weeks would be great because it would give my hair time to grow a bit and then I can just get it shaped up at my next visit. I am also wondering if you can give me any advise about a dry shampoo so I don’t have to wash it as often? I’m hoping that this will help it grow faster as well. I have thick, brown hair. Thanks!

  5. sharon says:

    You are so right about hair and confidence they both work together, i believe your hair is the most important part of your body if your hair is frumpy then that could make you grumpy:(
    I have always wondered how long to leave it to have your hair cut, so many hairdressers tell you different ,which is a shame as you would think they would all say the same.
    How many times a week should you wash your hair?as my hair gets greasy very quickly.

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