Best hair smoothing treatments available!


 Collage 2015-04-14 18_01_30With all of the different smoothing and straightening treatments available today, most of you curly girls may find yourselves on a search for the best smoothing treatments available for your hair type.

The summer is quickly approaching along with that SC humidity! This is the time of year I start getting calls from curly girls who are frustrated with their unruly hair. Some of you want to completely get rid of the curls while there are some of you that want to embrace your curls and need help controlling the frizz and puff.

Here at Sabre Hair Art in West Columbia South Carolina,  I offer a variety of straightening and smoothing services with a complementary consultation to all clients who are considering having one of these treatments. During the consultation I will ask a few questions about your hair and examine the condition of your hair thus determine the best treatment for you.

Straightening and smoothing treatments available

*Japanese style thermal reconstruction.

*Opti Smooth cold smoothing

*Keratin treatments

* Traditional relaxer

If you are looking for the best smoothing treatment available for your hair, call me today and I promise your hair will thank you.

Jill Jones @Sabre Hair Art

561 Meeting street

West Columbia SC




  1. Hanizan says:

    Hi Jill Jones,
    It seem you very happy with you field. If I’m at your country for sure I will go there. However I like your offer and your sites. It seem you are really specialist about hair. Wording will attract people to come.In other words your content s are great…. Hope you will success with your dreams…

  2. Ariel Baradarian says:


    I somehow landed on your site and found your article to be pretty interesting….my mom would probably be interested in this lol

    I know I’m just a guy, but you didn’t describe these hair treatments. What type of styles are they? How are they different from others?

    Otherwise, pretty site!

  3. Rawl says:

    Hi Jill. I’m African American mixed with Caucasian and Native American. I like my curls. I didn’t always have them. Growing up my hair was straight and as i aged it got curly. Go figure.

    However, there are times I want to straighten my hair because I want a different look. Can you tell me what other forms of straightener there are for African American women that aren’t the no-lye relaxers? I still find these harsh to my hair and with the genetic thinning I can’t afford to lose any more hair.

    Secondly, any suggestions for growing my hair that won’t cost a ton of money?

    Thank you for this great article on how we can control our crazy curls.

    • admin says:

      A great straightener for your hair type is the opti smooth. It is not harsh on the hair but will do the job and leave hair smooth and soft. For growing out healthy hair I would suggest using lots of leave in conditioner and I love argon oil for your hair type…also keep your ends trimmed at least every few months..

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